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[RL] Welcome Home, Axel

Tifa had spent the day cleaning the bar, lecturing Marlene and Denzel the second they stepped in the door on their way home from school about making sure they didn't make things too messy before Axel got there, and that they would have to play nice with him because some very bad things had happened. When they asked why Roxas wouldn't be coming too, she elected to tell them that he was busy on another world. How she convinced herself that was a better explanation, she'd never know, but she would berate herself with guilt while she took linens from the closet at the end of the hallway of the new addition.

Cloud's being home made her uneasy as to the condition of the atmosphere of 7th Heaven, he wasn't the type to get on well with Axel and with Axel as on-edge as he already was... She bit her lip, realizing it wouldn't end well if they grated on each other's nerves too badly. One of them would storm off, like they always did. She shook it off after a moment, tucking the corners of a mattress cover and throwing sheets and a blanket on top of that.

Things would go well, she finally decided, there was no reason to worry otherwise. As long as she played mediator, things couldn't possibly deteriorate to be as bad as she was making it out. She should be worrying about Roxas--or, better yet, not worrying at all. She laughed to herself, sitting one of the undressed beds that accompanied the one what would soon be Axel's.


Sep. 27th, 2008

Axel... have you had any luck finding him? Maybe... maybe, you should just come back here for a little while. You're probably exhausted, and if you stop and rest, you might think of an idea that you would have missed otherwise.

Jul. 10th, 2008

Hey, everyone, just letting you know that if you get woken up by construction, just remember to be grateful. ♥ It'll mean more space so that we'll all feel a little less crowded. I know it's a tight fit right now, but the contractor said it shouldn't be more than a couple weeks of work if they go fast.

And, if they get some help. So, let's everyone try and pitch in, alright? That said, there are chips and sandwiches on the kitchen table if anyone gets hungry from working.

If anyone needs me, I'll be out back.

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Boy, things sure are getting busy around here, aren't they? Maybe I should consider turning this place into an inn if it's going to get this much business.

What do you guys think? There's enough land in the back to expand a few rooms. I think it could work! Marlene and Denzel would probably like all the company . . . and Cloud isn't really around enough to complain.

Friends will still stay free, of course, don't worry you guys.

[ooc; Roll call--who's all still staying in 7th Heaven?]

♠ 001 ♠ Voice post

What . . . what is this place? Definitely not any part of Gaia I remember seeing before.

Has anyone seen two young children? Or a man with spiky blond hair. It's very important that I find them. Marlene . . . Denzel . . . I hope you two are safe.
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[RL] Seventh Heaven

Marlene had known better than to say anything at Tifa's obviously worsened mood. In fact, she had even convinced Denzel to be compliant and immediately go upstairs to sleep when Tifa asked them to, which left the woman standing at the bar by herself, staring down at a sink full of dirty water and dishes. She slammed her hand down against the counter, trying to find some way to vent her frustration. It wouldn't do to go to sleep angry, she knew it would just put a kink in her neck and she knew better than to go a full day's work like that.

She leaned back against the glass case behind her and sighed. It was a chore to deal with Cloud's childish behavior, sometimes, almost as if she had three children running around rather than an extra adult to help out. But, that only made sense. He hadn't been doing very much helping lately, after all. In fact, he'd barely been home at all, and he didn't even accept that there was a problem in the fact.

She threw her dish towel onto the counter and ran her fingers through her hair. Going back over the problem wasn't helping her to calm down an. In fact, it was proving to make her more angry with Cloud.


I guess this is where I say I was wrong. People don't ever change, it's silly to think that they could.

I haven't been able to sleep. I think Marlene saw me starting to cry, yesterday. She didn't ask, but, she doesn't need to see that. I should be a better example, be able to move on. It's not the end of the world.

. . . I just. I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I had everything under control, but he had just tricked me and manipulated me into thinking that. I should have realized.


You know, Rufus . . .

We've been dating for a while now, haven't we? And with the amount of trouble you get into, it's becoming troublesome to come by all the time.

. . . No, that's no good.

Ah . . . hmm . . .

What I'm trying to say is . . . Rufus? I think . . . I think we should maybe move in together.
...Rufus is a kid, again.

Does this have anything to do with the pregnancy virus? I wonder... Maybe he just touched that artwork again.

Dark? Is he doing okay with you and Emiko, or do you want me to take care of him?