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[RL] Family Matters

It was late, and Tifa had just finished closing up the bar to get ready for sleep. Marlene and Denzel were long-since tucked in, she'd taken a break around nine to take care of it, and she was now changing into a baggy t-shirt and long socks, effective enough to be comfortable and warm during Edge's chilling winters.

Jan. 19th, 2008

Rufus. Baby.

I'm sure there's a good explanation as to why these were in your room when I was cleaning?

Maybe I should save you the trouble of coming up with an excuse and just tell you Lady's spandex were also kicking around under your bed.

[RL : Happy Christmas]

With the kids out at a friend's house, Tifa had chosen to leave the door unlocked. She was sitting up in her bedroom, wearing heels and lingerie she'd been embarrassed to buy under a baggy t-shirt (Rufus', if you must know). She was leaning against the wall just beside the doorway, biting her lip.


Christmas gifts! If you aren't included and feel you should be, just let me know~

Zack: Striped sweater and matching scarf.
Cloud: A warm jacket for while he's on his motorcycle all the time.
Rufus: Kinky Tifa ass.
Axel: A scarf with fire patterns on the ends. Chocolate.
Roxas: Checkered belt and tennis bracelet
Dark: A print of some eccentric artist's work. Chocolate.
Scarlet: Condoms and divorce paperwork.
Reno: Gift certificate to her bar.
Rude: Sunglasses.
Cid: Whiskey.
Vincent: Shotgun rounds.
Zidane: Smut novels with a note "because you could use the help"

Dec. 25th, 2007

. . . I... This...

Rufus, you . . . How did you...know?

It's beautiful...

Dec. 4th, 2007

...Zack, please.

We need to talk.

I... You... He...

Don't shut me out.

[RL] The Aftermath

Tifa was anxious, pacing with anticipation of the knock at the window downstairs. She hadn't seen Rufus--at lea st, not while he was acting himself--for so long. Before the virus, even. She wasn't sure what she would say. The uncertainty of the whole situation weighed heavy on the forefront of her mind.

Was he suffering the same anxiety?

She laughed, realizing that even if he was, he was unlikely to admit or show any signs. Rufus was like that. The familiarity with his character came as a comfort and she stared over at the empty space where Cloud's sword used to be, near the closet. He was still gone.

There was a noise downstairs, however, and the thought dissipated.
Rufus! You... are you...

Are you really back?
The door of the bar clicked shut and Tifa turned to look down the stairs, wondering who could be visiting. No one had called, and it was far too early for someone to be coming in for a drink. She sighed, tugging a hand through her hair and smoothing her overskirt as she headed down the stairs slowly to find out who it could possibly be.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

[RL] Down the Rabbit Hole

Tifa sighed, leaning against the wall of the inn at Nibelheim. She looked up at Dante hopefully, trying to read him. Of course, that was hopeless. He always bore the same expression, cocky and full of himself.

"This is going nowhere. We should check the reactor, then the mansion. He might be going to places that remind him of his father, seeing as he's probably trying to convince himself that he's not the same," she explained, checking her nails and trying to appear as if she wasn't truly worried about the President of ShinRa. "If he's not there, there's another reactor up on Mt. Nibel..."